Awesome Betta Fish Names (Male, Female, Color, Gender, & More)

Betta fish are popular with aquarium enthusiasts due to their vibrant colors and unique personalities. One of the most exciting parts of owning a betta fish is choosing its name. There are plenty of fun and creative names to choose from.

The best betta fish names vary by gender and color. Here are some suggestions for male, female, and colorful betta fish names.

In this article, I’ll explore some popular betta fish names based on gender, color, and more. Plus, I’ll provide some tips on choosing the perfect name for your finned friend. So, let’s dive in and find the best name for your betta fish!

Things You Can Consider While Naming Your Betta Fish

Finding the perfect name for your betta fish can be a fun and creative process. There are numerous ways you can pick a name for your betta fish. Here are some of the key things to consider when naming your betta.

Consider Your Betta’S Personality

Your betta fish has its own unique personality, and choosing a name that reflects it can be an excellent way to showcase this.

  • Is your betta fish outgoing and adventurous? If so, consider names like Maverick, Rebel, or Rogue.
  • Are they more calm and laid-back? If yes, names like zen, serenity, or harmony would make a good fit.
  • Is your betta fish shy? If so, names like bashful, timid, or secret would reflect their personality.

Remember, the name you select should align well with your betta’s personality, which will help you connect more deeply with them.

Think about The Color

Another way to choose a name for your betta fish is by considering its coloration. Betta fish come in a vast assortment of colors, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

  • Red betta fish: fire, blaze, crimson, ember
  • Blue betta fish: sapphire, sky, ocean, bluebell
  • Green betta fish: moss, jade, olive, fern
  • White betta fish: pearl, snow, ice, diamond

Using your betta’s coloration as inspiration can help you choose an exciting and unique name that makes your pet stand out.

Consider The Gender

One final consideration when naming your betta fish is its gender. If you know the gender of your betta fish, this can be an excellent way to tailor the name and ensure it reflects their masculinity or femininity.

  • Male betta fish: Hercules, Thor, Zeus, King
  • Female betta fish: Athena, Hera, Luna, Queen

Keep in mind, however, that some betta fish only display signs of their gender as they age. If you’re not sure of your betta’s gender, you can use a gender-neutral name like star or comet.

Awesome Betta Fish Names for Males

Ensure you pick a name that suits your fish’s personality or physical characteristics. Use this list of awesome betta fish names for males to give your new aquatic pet a unique identity that you will love for years to come.


  • A Strong, Masculine Name Inspired By The Lead Singer Of Guns N’ Roses.
  • Perfect for betta fish with bold colorings and a fearless personality.
  • Axl suits betta fish with a bright red color.
  • Best suited for betta fish owners who love rock music.


  • Inspired By The Powerful Demigod And Hero Of Greek Mythology.
  • Suits betta fish that are large and robust with strong personalities.
  • Ideal for betta fish with a muscular build and imposing presence.
  • The name Hercules is most suitable for blue or purple betta fish.
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  • A Name That Sounds Both Fast And Strong, Inspired By The Powerful Rock Genre.
  • Ideal for betta fish that are speedy and active.
  • Perfect for betta fish with black colorings or a bold, striking appearance.
  • Jett is best suited for betta fish owners who love rock music or love the fast and powerful vibes.


  • Perfect For A Male Betta With Dark, Rich Coloring.
  • This name is perfect for betta fish with dark blues, grays, and blacks.
  • Ideal for betta fish owners who appreciate simplicity and elegance.
  • The name Midnight conjures up sophisticated images and highlights the beauty of the betta fish.


  • Inspired By The Greek God Of The Sea, This Name Is Perfect For A Blue Betta Fish.
  • Suits betta fish with blue, green, or multi-colored iridescent coloring.
  • Ideal for betta fish that are active and playful.
  • Best suited for betta fish owners who love Greek mythology or appreciate the beauty of marine life.

Awesome Betta Fish Names For Females

Many hobbyists enjoy giving their fish a name that reflects their individuality and beauty. For female betta fish, the options are endless, from elegant and graceful to bold and spunky.


Aria is a beautiful name inspired by music that represents femininity. This name is perfect for a betta fish with graceful movements and a flowing tail. Aria is a unique and timeless name that is sure to suit any female betta fish.


Unique and intriguing, the name galaxy might work particularly well for a betta with distinctive speckles or spots. This name lends itself perfectly to a fish that dazzles with its unusual coloring, making it one of the coolest names on our list.


Luna is the way to go if you’re looking for a name that represents the moon. This name is perfect for a fish with white or silvery coloring and lends an air of elegance and sophistication. Luna is a classic and regal name that any betta fish would be proud to have.


A classic name choice for any betta fish with an iridescent, pearly texture. This name is perfect for a fish with a silvery or white body and hints of pink, blue, or green iridescence on their fins. Pearl is a timeless and elegant name that is sure to complement any betta fish’s beauty.


Zora is a Slavic name that means “dawn” or “golden sunrise. ” this name is perfect for a betta fish with golden or warm-toned coloring, making it a unique and striking name choice. Zora is a name that represents strength and beauty and is a perfect fit for any female betta fish.

What Are Some Unique Betta Fish Names for Female Bettas?

Introducing female bettas effectively can be a fun and creative process, especially when it comes to choosing unique names for these beautiful fish. Some suggestions include Luna, Aurora, Saffron, Willow, and Nala. Selecting distinctive names not only adds personality to your bettas but also allows for easy identification in a shared tank.

Choosing A Name Based On Color

Betta fish are known for their stunning colors. With so many beautiful shades and hues to choose from, it can be challenging to come up with the perfect name for your fish. Whether your betta is blue, red, green, white/silver or black, we’ve got you covered.

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Blue Betta

If your betta has a beautiful blue hue, plenty of names can capture its oceanic beauty.

  • Sea or Ocean are perfect names for a fish that loves swimming around its tank.
  • Sky or Blue: straightforward names that can capture the brilliance of your betta’s blue color.
  • Azure or Cyan: unique names that emphasize your betta’s uniqueness.
  • Sapphire or Indigo: names that reference precious gems and vivid blues.
  • Navy or Neptune: great names for betta fish with darker blue coloring.

Red Betta

If you have a betta with a fiery red coloring, plenty of names will suit it.

  • Blaze or Fire: unique and powerful names that capture your betta’s bright red hue.
  • Inferno or Ember: names that suggest heat and warmth.
  • Flame or Ruby: flamboyant names perfect for betta fish who love to show off their colors.
  • Scarlett or Crimson: names inspired by shades of red, perfect for betta fish that are full of character.
  • Poppy: a more unusual name for a red betta fish, but perfectly fitting for its bright coloring.

Green Betta

If your betta has a green hue, you could consider some of these names:

  • Jade or Emerald: names inspired by precious stones and beautiful greens.
  • Forest or Grass: names that capture the verdant nature of your betta’s green coloring.
  • Olive or Sage: names that suggest wisdom and maturity.
  • Kiwi or Lime are unusual names perfect for betta fish with a brighter, fresher green coloring.
  • Fern: a more unique name that captures the beauty of your betta’s green color.

White/Silver Betta

If you have a betta with a white or silver coloring, here are some great names:

  • Snow or Pearl: simple and elegant names that capture the beauty of your betta’s white coloring.
  • Crystal or Luna: names that suggest purity and calmness.
  • Ghost: a unique name that references your betta’s ethereal appearance and light, almost see-through coloring.
  • Sterling: a more unusual name that references silver and can be a great fit for betta fish with a shiny silver hue.

Black Betta

If you have a betta with a striking black color, here are some fitting names:

  • Jet or Onyx: simple and elegant names that reference black precious stones.
  • Knight or Panther: names that suggest power, mystery, and strength.
  • Raven or Shadow: names that evoke a mystical and dark atmosphere, fitting for black betta fish.
  • Midnight: a literal name that perfectly captures the dark and alluring beauty of your betta’s black coloring.


Naming your betta fish is an exciting and creative process that allows you to showcase your personality and reflect the unique characteristics of your fish. Whether you opt for a male or female name, choose a name based on their color or pattern, or even select a name that is gender-neutral, there are endless options to explore.

Remember to take your time and consider all the factors, such as meanings, pop culture references, and personal preferences, when selecting the perfect name for your betta. With these tips and ideas in mind, you can rest assured that your betta fish will have a name that is as great as they are.

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