Green Terror Cichlids: A Comprehensive Guide to Size, Tank Mates & General Care

Green terror cichlids can grow up to 12 inches and require at least a 50-gallon tank with a ph range of 7. 0-8.

0 and temperature range of 72-80°f. As for tank mates, they should be chosen carefully to prevent aggressive behavior. Hailing from south america, green terror cichlids are a popular freshwater aquarium fish known for their vibrant green and blue colors. However, they also require proper care to thrive in captivity. In this article, we will discuss the basic care of green terror cichlids, including their size, tank requirements, and suitable tank mates. Whether you are a beginner or experienced fish enthusiast, keep reading to learn how to provide the best living conditions for your green terror cichlids.

Size Of Green Terror Cichlids

Keeping a green terror cichlid is a great way to add excitement and personality to your aquarium. These fish are fascinating creatures that are sure to capture your attention. However, like any pet, green terror cichlids have specific needs that must be met to ensure they flourish.

One critical aspect of their care is ensuring they have enough space to grow and develop. In this section, we will dive into the size of green terror cichlids and the factors that impact their growth, as well as recommended tank sizes.

How Big Do They Get?

Green terror cichlids are pretty big fish that can grow up to approximately ten to twelve inches in length. The males are generally larger than the females, which can grow up to about eight inches.

Factors That Affect Their Growth

Several factors impact the growth of green terror cichlids, including:

  • Dietary habits
  • Water temperature
  • Tank size
  • Water cleanliness
  • Genetics

Maintaining optimum water temperature and cleanliness in their aquarium and providing a nutritious meal plan will aid in their growth and development.

Recommended Tank Size For Green Terror Cichlids

The recommended tank size for green terror cichlids depends on the number of fish you want to keep. As these fish are bigger, they need a spacious tank to allow them to move, exercise, and grow comfortably. A 55-gallon tank is the minimum requirement for an individual green terror cichlid.

For a group of fish, a 75-gallon tank is recommended.

Importance Of Providing Adequate Space For Growth And Development

Providing adequate space for growth and development is critical for the good health and long life of green terror cichlids. In a small tank, they may grow stunted, leading to various health problems. With limited swimming space, they will also feel cramped, leading to increased stress and aggression.

Giving them a larger tank will allow them to exhibit their natural behavior, making them happier, healthier, and more engaging.

Investing in an appropriately sized aquarium is essential when keeping green terror cichlids. With adequate space to grow and swim, regular feeding, and a clean environment, your fish will lead a comfortable and healthy life in their aquarium habitat.

Tank Setup For Green Terror Cichlids

Green terror cichlids are stunning fish known for their vibrant green color, active temperament, and territorial behavior. As with any fish, creating the ideal tank setup for these cichlids is essential to their overall wellbeing. This section will discuss the crucial factors to consider when setting up an aquarium for green terror cichlids.

Water Temperature And Ph Requirements

Maintaining the proper water temperature and ph levels is vital for green terror cichlids to thrive.

  • Water temperature: 74-79°f (23-26°c)
  • Ph level: 6. 5-8.

Best Plants And Decorations For Their Aquarium

Decorating your green terror cichlid’s tank with plants and decorations can help create an environment that mimics their natural habitat, providing them with a sense of security.

  • Plants: amazon sword, anubias, java fern
  • Decorations: rocks, driftwood, and caves

Suitable Filtration Systems For Maintaining Water Quality

Filtration systems are necessary to keep the water clean and healthy for the green terror cichlids.

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  • Canister filters: powerful filters that remove debris, chemical, and biological waste from the water.
  • Hang-on-back filters: effective and affordable filters that require low maintenance.
  • Sponge filters: efficient filters that provide gentle water flow, ideal for breeding.

Importance Of Providing Hiding Spots And Open Swimming Spaces

Green terror cichlids require plenty of hiding spots and open swimming spaces to feel comfortable and secure. Hiding spots offer refuge for the fish during times of aggression while open spaces provide ample room to swim around and play. Aim for a 70:30 or 60:40 ratio of hiding spots to open space to create a balanced and stress-free environment for your green terror cichlids.

Creating the perfect environment for your green terror cichlids is essential to their overall health and wellbeing. Keep in mind their water requirements, plant and decoration preferences, filtration needs, and the importance of hiding spaces and open swimming areas to create a stress-free environment for these stunning fish.

Tank Mates For Green Terror Cichlids

Green terror cichlids are fascinating creatures, known for their bright green color and unique personalities. Tank mates play a significant role in the well-being of these fish, so it’s essential to choose compatible species. Here’s what you should know about tank mates for green terror cichlids.

Compatible Fish Species With Green Terror Cichlids

  • Severum: this south american cichlid is known for its peaceful behavior, making it an excellent choice for a tank mate.
  • Rainbow cichlids: these cichlids come in various colors and sizes and are generally peaceful, making them suitable companions for green terror cichlids.
  • Bristlenose pleco: these bottom-dwelling fish have unique personalities and help keep the tank clean.
  • Firemouth cichlid: firemouths are peaceful and get along well with green terror cichlids.

Fish Species To Avoid As Tank Mates

  • Convict cichlid: this species is notorious for its aggressive behavior towards other fish, making it a poor choice for a tank mate.
  • Jack dempsey: jack dempseys are aggressive and may attack green terror cichlids.
  • Red devil cichlid: these large, aggressive cichlids should never share a tank with green terror cichlids.
  • Tiger barb: tiger barbs are known to be nippy and may harass green terror cichlids.

Behaviors To Watch Out For In Green Terror Cichlids

Green terror cichlids are generally peaceful, but they can become aggressive towards others during breeding and mating season.

  • Territorial aggression: these fish can be territorial, especially during breeding season. Ensure there is enough space in the tank for each fish to have its own territory.
  • Aggression towards smaller fish: green terror cichlids may see smaller fish as prey. Ensure all tank mates are similar in size to avoid any harm.
  • Bullying: if one green terror cichlid starts bullying another, consider separating them to prevent any harm.

Overall, choosing the right tank mates is vital for the well-being of green terror cichlids. Keep in mind their behaviors and aggression levels when selecting which fish to add to their tank.

General Care Of Green Terror Cichlids

Green terror cichlids are magnificent fish that possess aggressive behavior. They are widely popular among hobbyists worldwide. These south american cichlids can be an excellent addition to your aquarium, but taking proper care of them is a must. In this section, we will discuss some key points on general care for green terror cichlids.

Feeding Habits And Dietary Requirements

Green terror cichlids are carnivorous, which means their diet should consist of protein-packed meals. Feed them a combination of live, frozen, and prepared foods to keep them healthy and happy.

  • Live foods: brine shrimp, earthworms, blackworms, etc.
  • Frozen foods: mysis shrimp, krill, and cyclops.
  • Prepared foods: cichlid pellets, flakes, and granules.

Remember to feed them in small quantities multiple times a day instead of a large meal all at once. Avoid overfeeding, which can cause health problems like obesity and fin rot.

Health Concerns And Common Diseases

Green terror cichlids are hardy and have a low risk of becoming ill if you provide them with a healthy environment. Nevertheless, some health issues can arise if you do not take proper care of them.

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  • Ich: white spots on the fish’s body or fins.
  • Fin rot: torn, shredded, or disintegrating fins.
  • Hole-in-head disease: open sores on the fish’s head.

You can prevent these problems by maintaining water quality, providing a healthy diet, avoiding overcrowding, and keeping the tank clean.

Tips For Keeping Their Aquarium Clean And Maintaining Water Quality

Keeping your green terror cichlid’s aquarium clean and maintaining water quality is essential to their health and happiness.

  • Change 25% of the water weekly.
  • Use a good filtration system to clean the water and remove debris.
  • Test the water regularly and maintain a ph level of 7. 0 to 8. 0.
  • Avoid overcrowding and add plants to absorb excess waste.

Remember to use a siphon or gravel vacuum to remove any uneaten food or debris floating around in the aquarium.

Breeding And Raising Green Terror Cichlid Fry

Breeding green terror cichlids are relatively easy. Unlike other species, they create monogamous pairs and are attentive parents. You can breed them in pairs or small groups.

  • Choice of breeding pair must be healthy and active.
  • The preferable temperature for breeding is 78°f to 80°f.
  • Provide them with a flat stone, smooth rock, or ceramic pot as a breeding site.
  • The female lays 100-200 yellow eggs, which the male fertilizes. The eggs hatch after three days.
  • The fry should be fed twice a day with baby brine shrimp or crushed cichlid flakes.

Taking care of green terror cichlids is a rewarding experience, and they can become the centerpiece of your aquarium. By following the tips we have outlined, you can provide your fish with a healthy and happy environment.

What Are the Ideal Tank Mates for Green Terror and Peacock Cichlids?

When setting up an aquarium with green terror and peacock cichlids, it is important to consider their tank mates. While green terrors are somewhat aggressive, they can coexist with compatible species like the rainbow cichlid and severum cichlid. Peacock cichlids, on the other hand, prefer peaceful companions such as tetras, barbs, and peaceful cichlids. To ensure proper care and compatibility, refer to a reliable peacock cichlid care guide.

Frequently Asked Questions For Green Terror Cichlids: Size, Tank Mates & General Care

What Size Do Green Terror Cichlids Grow To?

Green terrors can grow up to 10 inches in length and live for around 10 years.

What Tank Mates Are Suitable For Green Terror Cichlids?

Green terrors can live with larger, aggressive fish of similar temperament such as red devils and jack dempseys.

How Often Should You Feed Green Terror Cichlids?

Green terrors should be fed twice a day with a mix of pellets, live and frozen foods.

What Is The Ideal Water Temperature For Green Terror Cichlids?

Green terrors thrive in water temperature between 72-80 degrees fahrenheit.


Green terror cichlids are remarkable fish with a lot of personality, which makes them popular among aquarium hobbyists. They can grow up to 10 inches in size and require a spacious aquarium of at least 75 gallons. Proper water conditions, a balanced diet, and suitable tank mates are essential for their overall well-being.

These fish are known to be territorial and may exhibit aggressive behavior towards other fish species. However, with careful planning and monitoring, they can coexist peacefully with other cichlid species. Regular maintenance of the aquarium is necessary to keep their environment clean and healthy.

Green terror cichlids are a great choice for experienced aquarium keepers looking for an engaging and rewarding challenge. If you are considering adding green terror cichlids to your aquarium, remember to research and provide them with the best possible care to ensure their longevity and health.

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